Time to get this party started!

Finally my first post!

I wanted to wait until I finished my first book, which happened yesterday, so here is the update:

Books read: 1

New Recipes: 2

OK, so I read Gone Girl and was basically OBSESSED with it the whole time.  If you’ve read it, you know what I mean.  I decided to pick up another of Gillian Flynn’s books “Sharp Objects” next.  Again, flew thru it- didn’t love it as much as Gone Girl but still REALLY good and entertaining.

You can check it out here:


Last week I checked out one of the blogs Sarah Gaver recommended, and came across this recipe.  I rarely cook asparagus, so I decided to give it a whirl.  I’m a sucker for anything with sun dried tomatoes, so this was a no brainer:


Lots of other good stuff on this blog, check it out!  Thanks for the reco Sarah!

Finally, tonight I made a White Chicken Chili… with only 5 ingredients!  Love it!!  Definitely try this one, even if it is still 80 degrees out… Again, great blog all around, and the name- so cute!


I’ll be depositing my extra $31 on Oct 1st AND have 2 dates with cool dudes this week.  I’m thinking I’ll do weekly updates, so check back next week to see how the week went!




Who’s ready for one aMASing year?!

Birthdays are just different when you get “older”.  Leading up to September 17th I had so many people asking me “what are you doing for your bday?!”  For the first time maybe ever in my life my response was a shoulder shrug and “nothing much”.  Gasps and dropped jaws followed.  True, I normally put together some sort of event to celebrate the day I entered this world, but 31 just seemed so “blah” to celebrate.  Can’t really go out on the town with a crown on at that age, amIright?!

I started thinking back to the Big 3-0 and my mission to do 30 things in 30 days before 30.  It was one of the best 30 days ever!  As a 31 year old I don’t know that I have the energy to do THAT again, but I started thinking how I use the same concept for a year long project.  And so, “one aMASing year” was born!

I have selected 5 different “challenges” to complete over the next year, each benefiting a different part of my life.

Here’s the breakdown:

Read 31 Books

Make 31 New Recipes

Go on 31 First Dates I would also be happy NOT completing this one, if you get my drift

Run (at least) 31 Miles Each Month

Save an extra $31 each month

But here’s the real deal- I need YOUR help to complete these!!!  If I knew 31 boys to date, I’d be doing that.  If I had 31 book suggestions, I’d at least  be pretending to read them or have them on hold at the library.  I need introductions, suggestions, encouragement, and knowledge to finish these tasks by Sept 17, 2015.

If you can help me in any of these categories please leave a message below, tweet at me (masita917), FB me, Instagram me (mas917) or DM me at msoduk@gmail.com.  I’ve love to hear from as many people as possible!

I will periodically update the counts on each task, and write about my experiences.  Thanks advance for your help- I hope you’ll stick around for the whole journey- can’t wait to see where we are one year from now!