Update: Oct 8th

Currently reading: What I Was Doing While You Were Breeding- Kristen Newman (thanks Sarah!) Info here:


# of Miles run in October: 5


I have seen on Pinterest a million times this “overnight oats” post that shows really cute little oatmeal creations in mason jars and people enjoying them in a big cozy chair in the morning.  I realized I had all the ingredients just laying around so decided to finally “cook” them up to enjoy as the weather is turning to true fall out there (yes, the real Ohio fall is rainy and dark- sorry to all you people that love “Fall” and by “Fall” I mean a Pumpkin Spice Latte.).  Sorry- rant over.  Sadly, I enjoyed mine at my desk, not curled up with the paper at home.

I used peaches, and it turned out really delicious!  I’ll probably add more fruit next time (1/4 cup?? what?) because I needed a mid morning snack with this amount.  I don’t know the science behind it, but the oats seem to fluff up a little over night- no cooking involved.  People were really confused on the comments on this recipe:


Color Your Own Overnight Oatmeal


I thought a lot about how to post about these dates.  I understand that people are probably a little more interested in this dirt than what I cooked for dinner last night, but I’m also not trying to spill all the deets- not that kind of blog.  So here’s the approach for now- if you have ideas for going forward please leave in the comments!

Date #1:

Who: Justin

The Hook-up (how we met– get your mind out of the gutter!): My former co-worker Kristen Jackson talked to her friend Amanda Gamberale who just happened to have a visitor in San Fran that weekend who lives in my neighborhood and is single!  We both enjoy karaoke, which is all they needed to know to make this happen.

What we did: ate Indian food.  Adventurous choice for a first meeting, but we stuck with a wimpy spice level.  Rounded out the night with a beer at Byrne’s (shocking, I know)

Tell me more…. Justin is a graphic designer from outside Columbus.  He dabbles in stand up comedy and will soon be featured in a web series about bad dates.  He refers to Michael Bolton as “The Bolt”, which I will now be doing as well.

Date #2:

Who: Jerod

The Hook-up: Jerod and I actually met way back in the summer at a July 4th party of a mutual friend.  Apparently I told better jokes than him, or so I hear.

What we did: Cocktails at Oddfellow’s.  Cool location in the Short North and they feature a Negroni Slushy!  What?!?  Note- despite what Alive magazine says, they do NOT serve High Life in a champagne glass.  Also, the bathrooms are incredible!

Tell me more… Jerod is a born and raised Buckeye.  Likes include Laguna Beach, 90s R&B, and the MTV dating show “Next”.  Lucky for me, he no longer works at PNC so he can’t judge me by my debit card transactions.

Always taking recipes, books, and boys in the comments 🙂




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