Update: There is no Update

Nothing much to report on this week.  I’m halfway through a cleanse that is keeping me from accomplishing things this week.

No new recipes since I’m currently just feasting on fruits and veggies (adding bananas tomorrow, woo hoo!), hardly any running since I don’t have much energy from said fruits and veggies, and no dates since alcohol is usually involved in dates and I’m on a strict no alcohol ban this week.  Hi, is it Saturday yet??

Since I’m spending my evenings laying around trying not to think about food, I am getting a lot of reading done!  Should be finishing up my current book this week and on to the next one!

I’ve gotten SO MANY good book recs!  THANK YOU!  If you have anything specifically good for reading on the beaches of Jamaica, please leave in the comments.  (and yes, I’ve read How Stella Got Her Groove Back.  Book is better than the movie, in my opinion!)

I promise a better update next week- stick with me!




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