Ya, I know, its been a while…

Finished! The Hundred- Foot Journey by Richard C. Morais
This one took way longer than expected to finish. I just couldn’t get in the groove of reading it, but glad I finished.

Currently Reading: The Giver by Lois Lowry
Recommended by Steph- it’s one of her favorites and somehow I got through middle school without reading it.

# of Miles run in December: 14
Doing better this month but still not great… I’ve been trying to pump more iron and have been checking out some new classes- including this place- it is NO JOKE! Padded bike shorts may be going on my Christmas list… http://www.cycle614.com/

With temperatures dropping I was in the mood for something hearty and warm last week, and something that didn’t require 100 ingredients or 3 hours to make. I came across this recipe on Pinterest. Instead of calling it “Skillet Lasagna” I’m going to call it Hipster Lasagna (you only need one pot, and the bowties… get it??). This was kind of a perfect recipe for what I was craving. I feel like you could also totally make this your own and switch up your protein, add veggies, add more spices- next time I’ll probably throw in some mushrooms (shocking, right?), peppers and maybe some eggplant! (crazy, right?!) I loved how cheesy the dish was and the ricotta really added that “lasagna” flavor. Another one that will go into my rotation!


I also realized that I haven’t recapped some of my new recipes, so expect a post later this week with the details.

No new dates! You guys- help a sister out!

You know the requirements: 1)isn’t homeless and 2) has a job. Send some guys my way!  I really don’t want to be depending on Tinder in Canton for my next date…

I promise my post won’t take FOREVER again next time!  Thanks for sticking with me!



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