Back to reality, mon

Finished! Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins

Not my favorite of the series, actually my least favorite.  Of course I HAD to finish the book, but I don’t think I’ll be spending $10 to see the movie in a few weeks. And they are splitting it into 2 movies?! Big mistake. Huge.

Currently Reading: The Hundred- Foot Journey by Richard C. Morais

Really enjoying this one so far, although it makes me hungry everytime I sit down to read. Should finish this one up this weekend, then on to Lena Dunham’s book.

I thought I would get a lot more reading done on vacation, but it took me forever to get through Mockingjay.  I would finish a chapter and think “hmmm a pina colada sure sounds good…”

# of Miles run in November: 9

I realize this is pathetic BUT my cardio on vacation basically consisted of dancing up a storm at the disco.  Don’t forget—the Turkey Trot is next Thursday morning!!  Sign up here:


For some reason I got a strange craving for Chicken Cordon Bleu the other day.  Perhaps it was partially inspired by the book  I’m reading, which is set in France, or all the things I’ve seen regarding Home Alone in the past week (it was released 24 years ago this week.  Let that soak in a bit…)- whatever it was got me looking on Pinterest for a recipe.  This is a dish we had a lot growing up, but I don’t think ever homemade.  If memory serves me correctly this might have been the one thing we consistently ordered from Market Day, and it was delicious.

This recipe was super easy.  I did not make the cheese sauce to go on top, but I will say next time I’ll add more cheese to the filling.  This one is definitely going to go into my dinner rotation!

Date #4:
Who: Mark
The Hook-up: Becky and Jeff have been on the lookout for someone for me since this challenge began. About a month ago Becky had a revelation and thought Mark and I would probably have a good time. I agreed as soon as I heard he could give me more details on the infamous “Jeff lost his jeans in Japan” story. He was game, so we set up a meeting earlier this week.

What we did: Mark lives downtown, so he suggested either a spot down there or in my neighborhood to grab dinner and drinks. We both agreed Third and Hollywood was the winner, so we met up for cocktails, a great dinner, and a Cavs loss. Then we popped over to Grandview Café for my first Christmas Ale of the season.

Tell me more…. Mark is a good time. He has lots of stories of fun nights out, vacations, and that time his car got stolen in Cleveland. He also seems to balance his fun with a great career that he clearly loves. His favorite gin in Hendricks (right answer) and supports the correct Ohio sports teams. #clevelandrocks

As always, keep the recipes/ men/ books coming!